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Debt Review & Debt Counselling

What is Debt Review and Debt Counselling?

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Many people, even with good credit history can fall on difficult financial times. You may have lived a modest life, but because of events out of your control, debt has taken over your life.
In the last 2 years living expenses have skyrocketed. Everyone is feeling the pinch. The payment on the car of bond that was easy to manage 2 years ago has become unaffordable. And worst of all, even if you tried to sell your house or car, nobody will buy it at the market value.

Difficult financial times are here to stay for a while and we need to protect ourselves until the economy turns. There are many ways to make adjustments to your life to survive. The worst thing that you could do, is to do nothing at all, but stress or deny that there is a problem.

Thanks to the National Credit Act (NCA) that came in to effect in June 2007, the consumer can get protection from all creditors. People can now get protection by applying for Debt Review, also known as Debt Counselling.
What is Debt Review or Debt Counselling?

Debt Review came in to effect in June 2007 with the creation of the National Credit Act (NCA) and National Credit Regulator (NCR).

A person is over in debt when after paying for essential living expenses (like food, transport and insurance) there is not sufficient funds available to pay for all the monthly debt or monthly installments on debt. Any person that is over in debt and that earns an income can apply for Debt Review.

Debt Review or Debt Counselling could be a live saver or live changer to an over in debt consumer. Before June 2007 a creditor would take legal action against any person that falls behind on monthly payments. Today we have Debt Review.

Any person who is unable to pay his full monthly debt payments can apply for Debt Review. A Debt Counsellor will be appoint to negotiate on your behalf to creditors for payments that you can afford. This is great, because before you as individual had limited negotiation power with the creditor. Now you have the NCA and a debt counsellor on your side to negotiate affordable payments with the creditor.
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